Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I'm riding off into the sunset

Dear Readers,

I bid adeiu. Much of the problem is that some people have difficulty with reality perception, so I'm shutting the blog down.

The character I wrote in is a bizarre iconoclast that could only happen in New Orleans. Much of the blog was in the spirit and style of Fake Steve Jobs (, by taking a complex real life character and using that character for commentary. What Fake Steve Jobs was to the technology industry, Faux Sidney was to New Orleans. I used that model to write and gave my character his own unique voice.

Also, like Daniel Lyons, I actually kind of admire the character I parodied. He's a businessman who suddenly found himself in the waste industry. He's trying to do a great job and likes to impress, but peril seems to show up around every corner. Where most folks would quit, Sidney musters on (probably baffled and wondering WTF is next). Shakespeare couldn't come up with a better character and situation, so I used this to comment, create stories, and make jokes. I always written him in the best light and never intended any harm. Some of the strange responses I've gotten just shows how much "cult of personality" the real Sidmeister actually has.

Anyway, I'll miss writing for this character and hope the best for the real Sidney. Thank you for the comments and emails that made me laugh and thank you for reading. I hope you all enjoyed, laughed, and were entertained since that was the entire purpose of the blog.